Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Am A Broken Woman

So, back in early November, my laptop died.  Right in the middle of using it the screen went black and it has not been seen nor heard from since.  That alone would be cause for sadness here, but as long as we still have the desktop we'll survive.  About three days after that as I was (literally) running around getting ready to take Darby to preschool I moved a partial can of Kilz primer from our back hallway to the basement stairs.  It was an attempt to keep it from getting spilled.  But you guessed it; it spilled.  A quarter gallon of bright white, heavy-duty primer on our shag carpeting 5 minutes before we should be walking out the door.  Then, a few days later, let's say one week later to be sure not to make this more dramatic then it already is, we had a rainstorm.  Which in November in Minnesota means there was ice.  My van was parked outside (there wasn't room in the garage, a problem we have since remedied) and when I tried to open the driver's side sliding door (coincidentally, on the way to preschool again), the handle came off in my hand.  Damn!  In the house I went to get a blow dryer because I still needed to use that door, frozen or not.  So, I ran upstairs, got the blow dryer and on my way back out to the garage my leather shoe ripped/tore.  I stayed amazingly calm, changed my shoes and we were on our way.  Somewhere in there was a hole in the tire of the van and the monitor of the desktop died.  Yesterday the washing machine was draining out the bottom as fast as it was filling and today our central vacuum wouldn't turn off.  I unplugged it from the wall, but could still hear the canister running in the garage, so I went out and pushed the main power button which did exactly nothing and finally had to unplug the canister from it's power supply.  

Whew!  Do you think it's possible that the universe is actually conspiring against me, or does it just feel like it?

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