Friday, April 23, 2010

A Compliment, I Think.

Lucia: "Mama, you're my favorite mama ever!"
Darby: "Me too!"
Lucia: "Except when you make us do stuff."
Darby: "Yeah."

Uh, thanks girls. You're both better than all the other daughters I've never had, too. Except, of course, when you're not.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Signs that I have truly and completely lost my mind

  1. I am organizing a community garden in Northfield. I have recruited 3 other women to help and we are having a meeting tomorrow at my house. And I promised them coffee and treats.
  2. I am running in a 5k on Saturday (Yes, that's 2 days from now!) and I have run less than a handful of times since we moved here in 2008.
  3. We (Kyle and I) are building a small deck outside our back door. This wouldn't be crazy if there was any time other than 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning to work on it.
  4. We (Kyle and I, again) decided yesterday that if we're going to have a deck that the patio should go in first. So sometime in the next 2 weeks the concrete guy is coming to pour a patio in our backyard. Why not, right? Those giant holes for the deck footings just add a little excitement to the obstacle course that is our backyard right now. And really, if one or two of the kids happen to fall into one of the holes, then we wouldn't have to chase around to keep them out of trouble. Come to think of it that might be the way to go after all. We can keep those holes as small child containers for when we want to get stuff done! Just kidding. Maybe.
  5. And the number one sign that I have lost my mind- I am sitting here instead of getting something, or anything, done.