Monday, June 15, 2015

I actually just typed this up as an email to my friend, Sara, who is out of town.  But then I decided that since it really is a pretty good summary of our weekend that I should post it here.  I keep meaning to get back into posting stuff, so might as well start now.

We survived recital weekend, but just barely.  Friday night was dress rehearsal from 5:30-9:15.  I didn't realize it would take so long, so neither D or I ate dinner before we left.  Forgot the blanket to sit on to keep her costume clean when not on stage.  Also forgot anything to do to keep busy.  Amy 0- Dance 1.

Saturday I did better, remembered all key items, including food.  I thought it would go faster than the night before because they didn't have to all learn the finale, but we just replaced that with a slideshow, thank yous and awards.  I didn't buy tickets because why would you pay to watch it Saturday if you already were there for most of it on Friday and paid to see it on Sunday?  Well, apparently this is another instance where I was not thinking like everyone else.  Luckily for me when I came back around 7:15 (thinking I would be sure to be there a few minutes before the end) and they hadn't even gotten to the intermission yet(!) I ran into Jennifer Klaers who had an extra ticket and I at least had a place to sit for the next TWO HOURS!  So once again, it was dance from 5:30-9:15.  Keep in mind that there was also hair and make-up time before each show.  Amy 0-Dance 2.

Sunday came and we went strawberry picking out at Silkey's (me, D, E and V) and despite V getting tired of it and quitting right away we picked just over 36 lbs. in an hour.  Making today jam day.

But I digress.  So, with the 2nd day in a row of obligatory nap for Darby, who is not used to going to bed at 10:00 pm and the strawberry picking there wasn't time for much else.  Kyle and the other girls went to the pool because the heat index thingy was 91, but Darby and I stayed home to get her ready.  Once again back to the High School for dance.  This time we had to be there at 2:30.  We brought everything we needed, and my parents and Kyle and the girls all made it there on time, so despite the fact that it was another 3.5 hours of dance I'm calling this one a tie.  Final score Amy 1- Dance 3.